Write a Good Classified Ad

In today’s fast past world more and more people are using online sites as well as local news papers to post classified ads. You can find websites online that allow you to post your classified ad for free.

You need to ask yourself how I can write a classified ad that will grab the attention of the reader and get the result I want. For instance sell your item or product or get people to sign up for your member account.

Do the research and start by reading classified ads. Take notice how other ads were written. Pay attention to the ads that jump out at you (grab your attention).

Writing a classified ad is very easy to do. Take your time and write down everything about the item or product you are trying to sell. Please keep in mind you have to make your point in the least amount of words, so be careful choosing the right words.

Get your readers attention with words like “Going Fast,” “Contact me today,” “Limited Time Special,” “Must Sell,” and “Everything Must Go.”

You can also abbreviate words as long as they are clearly understandable. Pay attention to the abbreviations in the ads you read and incorporate it in your ad. These are well recognizable abbreviations you can use: Locations: E (east), W (west), S (south), and N (north)

Condition of Item or Product: EUC (excellent used condition), F (Fair), LN (like new), G (good), and VG (very good)

Offers: BO (best offer) and OBO (or best offer)

Automotive: PW (power windows), RA (rear axle), 4dr (4 doors), T/W (tilt wheel), and TD (turbo diesel)

Miscellaneous: FS (for sale), VHTF (very hard to find), and yd. (yard)

There are many different abbreviations you can use (too many to list in this article). Go to your browser search box and type in “abbreviations for classified ads” and you will get a list of web sites that list all kinds of abbreviations.

You can add a picture (photo), image, or artwork to help detail what you are trying to sell.

Finally proofread your classified ad and check it for misspelled words.

Let me leave you with some quick tips to recap how to write a good classified ad.

Read the classified ads.

Write down everything about the item or product you are trying to sell.

Sum everything up in the least amount of words (use abbreviations).

Grab the attention of the reader (use keywords, boldface, and capital letters).

Add a picture, image, or artwork (to show what it is you are trying to sell).

Proofread and check for misspelled words.

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Automotive Dealerships Using Craigslist And The Newly Released “Craigslist Dealer Showroom”


With millions of users and hundreds of postings PER MINUTE, Craigslist is the most trafficked and visited classifieds site in the world. At times, web traffic ranking sites have shown Craigslist to be more popular than auction-site, eBay (at the time this article was written, eBay was the 23rd most popular site in the world, Craigslist was 33rd). When compared to non-search engine sites, Craigslist is consistently within the top ten sites in the world, often breaching the top five.

With this much traffic and so many people using the site for buying, selling, or just connecting to others, it would make sense for traditional sales-based businesses to jump on the trend by listing their goods and services for sale. As Craigslist offers sellers the ability to post their goods and services by region, sellers can connect with their local demographic.


One sector that has seen particular success in using Craigslist for increased sales is automotive. At the dealership level, Craigslist gives dealers the ability to list their inventories on a highly trafficked site, by region, and for free. On paper, this seems like a pretty sweet deal.

However, many dealerships have felt that the aesthetics of a Craigslist advertisement – the ‘look,’ ‘feel,’ and layout – doesn’t do justice to the brand of vehicle they are selling nor the image of the dealership itself. In an industry that spends billions of dollars annually on advertising – much of the time in an effort to promote an upper-echelon image and lifestyle – the generic Craigslist advertisement design falls quite flat for mid to upper tier dealers.

Though it is a relatively quick process to list an item on Craigslist, the end result is a heavily text-based listing (though sellers can also upload a few still images of the item being sold). But imagine you are a multi-million dollar Mercedes-Benz dealer, for example. You probably have a huge advertising budget – a budget that is largely allocated towards maintaining the prestige associated with the Mercedes-Benz brand. So in essence, though the exposure is good, the Craigslist advertising method really isn’t in line with the advertising strategy of the brand, as the upper echelon lifestyle is, at best, poorly represented using a standard Craigslist ad. So, is there a solution for dealers?


But what if there was a way that dealerships could advertise on Craigslist while at the same maintaining the image and prestige that is so frequently sought after? A Canadian based company – Vehicle Gateway Corporation – has recently come up with a viable solution. Using a full colour ad format that promotes both the brand and the individual dealership, Vehicle Gateway Corporation has recently developed what they call the ‘Craigslist Dealer Showroom’.

Vehicle Gateway Corporation – owners of online automotive marketplace VehicleGateway.com – has created a way to merge inventory listings from their automotive marketplace directly onto Craigslist in a manner that advertises the vehicles professionally. Now, dealers have a way to list their vehicles on Craigslist in a way that maintains a high end image for both their vehicles, and the dealership itself.

Using an attractive and enticing advertisement format, dealers can plug their vehicle inventory and dealership logo into an enticing ad template, producing an advertisement that is far superior to the standard Craigslist ad. This is a highly cost effective way for dealerships to get their inventories listed in a way that drives traffic, generates new customers, and most importantly, maintains image and prestige.

Health Tips of French Style

Health is a top priority in our lives. Therefore, keep your health well. Here are some health tips of French style considered more healthy than people from other developed countries.1. Eating together
Different from the habits of modern people which is too hasty and individual, the French are accustomed to spend time for eating together. Eating activities, even breakfast, can be a social event to gather and exchange news. Maybe, because they are occupied in conversation, they also eat more slowly.Research suggests that eating slowly not only reduces stress, but also makes the brain capable to send the full signal. As a result, we also do not eat to excess.2. Reduce stress
It is not secret that more French enjoy their leisure time. A regulation in the country requires companies to give employees 30 days of furlough in every year with full salaries. Even so, vacations is not the only way to relax, they are also more focused on friends, family and food.3. Rarely snacking
If you visit this country, you will seldom see a snack product in the supermarket. This is because they really enjoy the food presented at mealtimes. Satiety in the stomach also reduces the desire to snack. If they want to snack, they tend to choose healthy snacks, like fruit.4. Eat on time
Because the French often gather to eat together, they are so accustomed to eating on time. This makes the body can digest food properly.5. Only fresh food
Hurry habits will affect the way we eat and prepare food. To reduce the intake of sodium, sugar, trans fat, and preserved food, provide time to prepare their own meals at home.6. Reduce trans fat
Experts believe that saturated fats found in French food, like cheese and cream, can be easily metabolized by the body.7. Food variations
There is no type of foods that contain a variety of nutrients needed by the body. Therefore you need a food variation to meet nutritional needs. Mediterranean-style diet that followed the French, which is rich in vegetables, fruits and nuts, is key to health.8. Use your feet
It is a tradition that is still maintained, the French rarely use motor vehicles, they prefer to walk away. Whether simply to the market or to the office, they prefer to walk or ride a bike.9. Small portions
Another secret to know is the portions. The people in this country are accustomed to eating in the small portions.