Health Tips of French Style

Health is a top priority in our lives. Therefore, keep your health well. Here are some health tips of French style considered more healthy than people from other developed countries.1. Eating together
Different from the habits of modern people which is too hasty and individual, the French are accustomed to spend time for eating together. Eating activities, even breakfast, can be a social event to gather and exchange news. Maybe, because they are occupied in conversation, they also eat more slowly.Research suggests that eating slowly not only reduces stress, but also makes the brain capable to send the full signal. As a result, we also do not eat to excess.2. Reduce stress
It is not secret that more French enjoy their leisure time. A regulation in the country requires companies to give employees 30 days of furlough in every year with full salaries. Even so, vacations is not the only way to relax, they are also more focused on friends, family and food.3. Rarely snacking
If you visit this country, you will seldom see a snack product in the supermarket. This is because they really enjoy the food presented at mealtimes. Satiety in the stomach also reduces the desire to snack. If they want to snack, they tend to choose healthy snacks, like fruit.4. Eat on time
Because the French often gather to eat together, they are so accustomed to eating on time. This makes the body can digest food properly.5. Only fresh food
Hurry habits will affect the way we eat and prepare food. To reduce the intake of sodium, sugar, trans fat, and preserved food, provide time to prepare their own meals at home.6. Reduce trans fat
Experts believe that saturated fats found in French food, like cheese and cream, can be easily metabolized by the body.7. Food variations
There is no type of foods that contain a variety of nutrients needed by the body. Therefore you need a food variation to meet nutritional needs. Mediterranean-style diet that followed the French, which is rich in vegetables, fruits and nuts, is key to health.8. Use your feet
It is a tradition that is still maintained, the French rarely use motor vehicles, they prefer to walk away. Whether simply to the market or to the office, they prefer to walk or ride a bike.9. Small portions
Another secret to know is the portions. The people in this country are accustomed to eating in the small portions.

Health Tips During Pregnancy

Health during pregnancy is of paramount importance. This is because you are not just concerned about your welfare but also about that of your unborn child or children. There are so many pitfalls for pregnant women in this regard. Many have contributed to poor health and defects in their children. Ill habits like smoking, alcoholism and abuse of drugs will gravely endanger the life of the unborn. As a pregnant woman, you need to play the guardian role if you do not want to regret in the future. Poor health in pregnancy is not just caused by the above; it will come if you fail to observe healthy practices outlined below. These tips will help you make pregnancy a blissful experience..The first tip for health during pregnancy has to do with what you eat. You need to be more cautious because you want to nourish the unborn with helpful nutrients. Your health care provider will point out foods rich in vitamins, minerals and others to ensure that you follow this path. Also, it is important for you to take supplements so that you can make up for different nutritional requirements. However, women need to be cautious, before you go choosing supplements, consult your doctor.During pregnancy, there are certain foods that you need to avoid. Apart from unhealthy starchy processed foods, keep away from raw fish, fish high in mercury and certain kinds of cheese. Alcohol should not be taken at all and this should not be ignored. During this time, high fibre diets will help in metabolism and help avert crisis such as constipation. During this time, you need to replenish your body with water and this will keep you refreshed and help your system in general.During pregnancy, you need to honour the most important meal of the day which is breakfast. Some women will tend to follow their old path where they eat whenever they feel like. Experts advice all women to make sure they take in a healthy breakfast everyday. Folate, iron, calcium and a host of other nutrients must be present in a healthy meal.When many become pregnant, they are tempted to take it easy and many become passive. Since pregnancy is not sickness, you need to follow up with daily activities. You need to work the body and make sure that your muscles have the energy. As you approach full term, it is only natural to take it easy. Walking will do you good during pregnancy and it will even enable you have an easier birth. Experts advise that 30 minutes of activity everyday will help you stay in good shape.Regarding weight gain during pregnancy, it will help if you consult your doctor and see how much weight you are expected to gain during pregnancy. This is important because you do not want to become unhealthy due to unsolicited weight gain during this period. Investing in good health at this time will pay a lot. There is nothing that shows it more than a bouncing healthy baby at the end of the 9 months.